Press Release June 15, 2015

BEARS selected Kiwi Compact Artificial Sky of

BEARS - Berkeley Education Alliance for Research in Singapore

Knowledge of natural light coming from the sun and diffused by the sky, in addition to deep understanding of the design and construction of complex electro-optical-mechanical devices has allowed to partner with one of the most advanced laboratories in the world: BEARS Laboratory in Singapore.

The project coordinator, Dr. Chien Szu Cheng, selected Kiwi Artificial Sky by nitter - after careful evaluations and number web consultations with Giulio Podestà of Nitter about the best device for evaluating the visual and lighting performances of buildings reproduced with scale models in a laboratory of limited space and with stringent rules regarding energy consumption of the installed device.

In the first stage of the project, Nitter - will supply the Kiwi robotic table and our Nut lux-meter system with twenty sensor heads. Nitter - will support with technical advice the local supplier of the lighting system.

BEARS stands for Berkeley Education Alliance for Research in Singapore. BEARS was established in 2011 by the University of California, Berkeley as a non-profit company. The organization is funded by the National Research Foundation of Singapore and directed by Professor Masayoshi Tomizuka. BEARS major research program is SinBerBEST led by Professor Costas Spanos, and focused on use-inspired basic research in novel demand-side energy and carbon footprint reduction for tropical buildings. The SinBerBEST is an interdisciplinary group of researchers from UC Berkeley, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and the National University of Singapore (NUS).

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