Lobelia SM — Artificial Sky

Artificial sky for immediate daylight measurements

Lobelia is an easy relocatable mirror box artificial sky. It is powered by dimmable LED lamps for zero maintenance, high quality of the light (uniformity in space and time) and low cost of ownership.

Lobelia is an affordable tool for teaching and design the daylighting. It is able to reproduce the overcast sky (a.k.a. Spencer and Moon sky) really well, thus making the measurement of daylight factors in your scale models easy and fast.

Lobelia sky can be an objective tools to evaluate the daylighting performance of different geometries and/or materials of your projects thru the use of the metric of daylight factor (DF). The daylight factor is defined as the ratio of the light level inside to the light level outside.

The best environment to take photos and videos of your models. Your models will be appreciated at their best under an illumination of 8000lx with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) greater than 90 and a Color Corrected Temperature (CCT) of 5000K.



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Lobelia SM Artificial Sky

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