Press Release August 24, 2023

Beta Nit is a proud sponsor of the CIE conference in Ljubljana

CIE Beta Nit Booknotes

I am thrilled to announce that Beta Nit is a sponsor of the prestigious 30th quadrennial Session of the CIE 2023 conference, themed Innovative Lighting Technologies. This important event is scheduled to unfold from September 18th to 20th, 2023, in the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Dedicated to advancing the frontiers of light and lighting science, the CIE conference is a convergence of brilliant minds within our community, along with esteemed stakeholders. It serves as a platform to propel the technical and organizational endeavors of the CIE, driving progress that reverberates across our industry.

As we join forces with this distinguished gathering, we reiterate our commitment to driving research and innovation in the realms of simulations and measurements of daylighting, lighting, and natural light. Our dedication propels us forward, and we are immensely proud to contribute our strengths to this noble cause.

For deeper insights into this interesting event, please visit the official conference website.

Stay tuned shaping the future of light and its technologies.


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