Press Release September 19, 2012

Arup Lighting Lab adopts the heliodon to simulate the sun

Orange II Heliodon at Arup Lighting Lab in London active in the field of energy savings derived from better use of natural light, is very proud to announce that Arup Lighting has chosen to deepen their designs with the help of one of our robotic heliodons.

For several months, Arup Lighting Lab (in London) has a heliodon Orange II in order to better and more quickly detect the effects of the sun on the buildings for which they are called upon to develop lighting designs.

In the attached photo, you see the close-knit group of designers during the preparation course for the use of the heliodon, the course which was held in the offices of Ove Arup & Partners International in August, just as the city took place in the Summer Olympics.

We are also pleased to note that every day more and more professionals in the building industry and experts in the field of lighting decided to investigate further the natural light to better understand the complex interactions originate from the sun.

Lighting at Arup brings together art, science and technology. Their truly global team of designers create expressive, sustainable and award-winning concepts in light.



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